Participatory Governance in Culture
Conference Rijeka 2017


Kultura Nova Foundation was founded by the Republic of Croatia by a special Act about Kultura Nova Foundation adopted by Croatian Parliament on 15/07/2011. It is a public foundation with its core purpose being the promotion and development of civil society (non-governmental and non-profit associations) in the Republic of Croatia in the field of contemporary arts and culture. Its vision is a strong, stable and diverse civil society in the field of contemporary arts and culture in the Republic of Croatia that produces innovative artistic and cultural praxis that entices positive social changes in Croatia. The Foundation aims at strengthening international cooperation and solidarity in a spirit of partnership with a view, in particular, of enhancing the capacities of developing countries in order to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions. With Croatia becoming a member state of the EU, promoting sustainable cultural cooperation within the region of South-Eastern Europe is set as one of the principal organizational objectives, especially taking into consideration the non-EU neighbouring countries.
Kultura Nova functions as an operational and grantmaking foundation. It provides professional and financial support to civil society organizations in the field of contemporary arts and culture. It creates various support programmes through which it improves organizational capacities for arts production, distribution and independent cultural spaces (cultural centres, clubs, galleries, theatres etc.), encourages the development of new cultural and artistic programs and projects, strengthens cooperation between cultural civil society organisations on the national, regional and local level, encourages the involvement of cultural organizations in the development of the local community, stimulates cultural organizations to foster public participation in cultural projects and direct communication with the audience. It also develops its own educational programmes in the field of cultural management for representatives of cultural civil society organizations. In order to create sustainable landscape for civil sector in the field of culture, Kultura Nova participates in the formation of innovative cultural policies, advocates transformation of the Croatian cultural system and institutional framework and develops research programmes to create arguments for better understanding of the complex position and status of the civil sector in culture, creation of long-term strategies for their activities and building of Foundation's new projects.